Cookie policy

Cookies are small files that the navigation browser puts on our hard disk while browsing, thus allowing the site to store certain information about the visitor.
There are several types of cookies. Some are needed for navigation on the site or to use its services, others can guarantee the security of any transactions, allow the user to manage content or comments etc.

How we use cookies
This website only use technical cookies to allow users a better browsing experience and allow administrators to perform updates via login.
Cookies “wordpress_test_cookie”, “wp-settings-1”, “wp-settings-time-1” are session cookies that expires when you close your browser and ensure to website administrators the proper functioning of the content manager “WordPress” on all browsers.
We use cookies “qtrans_front_language” (on front-end) and “qtrans_admin_language” (on back-end) to store the language selected by the users and the administrators; these cookies expires when the browser is closed.
While navigating in the e-commerce section are installed cookies wp_woocommerce_session _ (+ alphanumeric code) and the cookie “Woocommerce_recently_viewed”, reminding you which products have been seen during the active session; these cookies are “session” cookies which expire when you close your browser.
When buying (logged-in), may be installed the following “session” cookies that oversee the purchase transactions:
“WordPress_(+ alphanumeric code)”, “wordpress_logged_in_(+ alphanumeric code),”woocommerce_items_in_cart”, “woocommerce_cart_hash”.
The cookie “wp_woocommerce_session_(+ alphanumeric code)” expires after two days.
Buying a product and choosing the payment via paypal/credit card, the user would be automatically redirected to the secure payment system of and consequently he receives cookies by this third party; below the relevant page of the privacy policy:
Paypal: privacy policy

This website does not send third-party cookies while browsing.
Cookies can be sent from social networks only when you use the features that allow you to share contents, accessing their site through login.
Here are the links to their privacy policy pages.

Facebook: privacy policy
Google +: privacy policy
Twitter: privacy policy
Linkedin: privacy policy

Cancellation and settings change on cookies

Each browser navigation allows the user to delete the cookies already discharged through a feature found in the browser itself.
Each browser also provides a procedure for changing the settings relating to cookies, including their partial or total block.
Disabling of the cookies may limit your ability to use certain features on this site.
Here are the url to access the instructions for managing cookies on the most popular browsers:

Mozilla Firefox:
Google Chrome:
Internet Explorer: